What is e-rupee ? And how to use it?

eRUPI Digital Payment System is been introduced by the Prime Secretary Narendra Modi, in the month of August. It's an QR Code or SMS-based system. This brand new way to make Cashless or Contactless Digital Payments was created to allow citizens to transfer funds without any hassle.

It is only used to perform the task for which the beneficiary wishes to benefit from it. This voucher will play an essential role in the payment system that uses digital technology. Let's learn more about e-RUPI in this article.

Meaning of eRUPI

E-rupee can be described as a digital voucher. Anyone who is eligible for this benefit will receive it in form of a QR code that is displayed on the phone. The amount will be transferred directly into the bank account of the beneficiary.

eRUPI was designed with in mind the security that the person who is beneficiary. It protects the information of Beneficiaries in a secret manner. Other than the receiver and sender of the money, no other person will even have access to it.

This digital payment facility e-RUPI was developed with the help from each DFS (Department of Financial Services) and NHA (National Health Authority) and is managed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

What exactly is eRUPI function?

It's a form of contactless and cashless digital payment system, that can be accepted in the form QR code or SMS to the phones of users. It's like Prepaid Voucher.

It is redeemable at any particular location that accepts it without the need for internet banking debit-credit card or mobile application.

If you have one phone, and you will be able to reap the benefits of it.

The transaction through e-rupee is quick and reliable. The amount is already saved in the system. It connects the owner of the service (an individual or an institution) with the recipients and service providers using a digital format with no physical interface.

Advantages of e-rupee

After you've heard about the advantages of eRUPI Let's learn more about these advantages.

E-RUPI is able to assist small-scale businesses in taking advantages of government programs.

In this way, regardless of whether the voucher was utilized in the past or not may be tracked.

E-Rupee keeps the personal information of beneficiaries completely private.

To use the service the customer is not required to have a mobile application or card, internet banking, or bank account.

As a voucher for prepaid, E-RUPI guarantees the provider of real Time payments.

It is also possible to use on regular phones. Also, for users who don't have a Smartphone or have internet connectivity that is not strong, it could also be used.

How do I get E-Rupee facility?

The e-RUPI platform has been developed using the UPI platform by NPCI. NPCI has also included a number of banks in this. The banks can create their own electronic voucher. The banks will issue their E-Vouchers on the bank's own UPI platform. In a sense the bank will become the institution that is issuing the voucher.

The government agency, company or corporation must contact the bank partner of its choice and provide all the details of the person who is requesting the payment and the reason of the transaction being made.

The beneficiary will be identified using their mobile number and only after that the SMS and QR code will be sent to them. The voucher will be assigned an account to the provider through the banking institution under the name of the beneficiary.

Banking institutions that provide eRUPI

NPCI has formed a partnership with 11 banks to facilitate electronic RUPI transactions. The bank is one of them..


Axis Bank


Bank Of Baroda

State Bank Of India

Indian Bank

Canara Bank

Union Bank Of India

Indusind Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Punjab National Bank

Where will e-rupee use?

NPCI is currently partnered over 1600 hospital in the area of electronic RUPI. In which hospitals e-RUPI payment is made. E-rupee is a good option to pay for Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, Ayushman Bharat as well as welfare schemes.

According to reports the system will be employed frequently in the coming years. In addition employees from the private sector are also eligible to receive the benefits.

What makes eRUPI Different how is it different from Digital Currencies?

The reason for launching E-RUPI is to create a digital currency into India however, it is not a digital currency, but rather an Social Service Voucher System (Social Service Voucher System).

E-rupee is distinct from Cryptocurrencies. We will tell you that this prepaid voucher can be used to offer Welfare Subsidies, which gives an opportunity for businesses to purchase goods and services to earn benefits.

Future of the e-rupee website

NPCI will soon launch the an e-RUPI site. E-RUPI could be used to deliver services in the Matru and Child Benefit Scheme the Ayushman Bharat scheme, Tuberculosis Elimination Scheme and other welfare programs.

If the name of the Indian Digital Currency is adopted by e-RUPI, it would be considered the primary Indian digital currency. NPCI is empowered to frame and manage and distribute the e-RUPI.

What is the e-rupee?

E-Rupee is a digital voucher built on Qr Code, or SMS. It's an innovative and simple method of making cashless and contactless payment.

Does it provide a safe method of digital payments?

The voucher can be used for only the person who is the purpose it is used as when it is issued for the benefit of mother and child.

How can I obtain e-rupee facilities?

The platform is built upon UPI. UPI Platform. To use the facilities of e-RUPI, you need to make use of UPI.

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