7 Important WordPress Plugin That All Blogger Use

Here information is being given about 7 important WordPress plugins, which almost all bloggers use in their WordPress blog. information in  2021

The new blogger does not know which important WordPress plugin to install and they randomly install plugins from all over the world which also have a bad effect on the loading speed of your site.

Many times our side is not open due to the haphazard plugin and we feel that our side is lost.

And many times we use the crack version of the paid plugin for free, so that the risk of losing our site is 99%.

7 Important WordPress Plugin That All Blogger Use

In the absence of information in the beginning, we do not know which plugin we have to use and which one is not, so here we will tell you about five such important WordPress plugins that professional bloggers use in their WordPress blog. .

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7 Essential WordPress Plugin

1. Yoast seo wordpress plugin

We all know very well that bloggers get the same success who bring their blog to the top and our post should have on-page SEO in a proper way to bring it to the top.

And for this it is necessary to have an important SEO Plugin in our WordPress blog. Yoast SEO plugin is best for on page SEO.

About 98 people out of 100 use this plugin in their WordPress blog, with the help of this plugin, you will be able to do your post on page SEO in a proper way while writing the post.

Although many more plugins related to SEO are found in WordPress but Yoast SEO is number one, with the help of this, you can easily rank your post or article in Google.

In Yoast SEO free version itself, you can optimize your post SEO well, if you want, you can also take its premium version, then you get a few more features in it.

After installing Yoast SEO, special attention has to be paid to its setting because due to wrong setup, it can also have a bad effect on your site.

2. jetpack wordpress plugin

This plugin is also very popular and important WordPress Plugin. Its specialty is that it makes the loading speed of your site fast and also provides security to your site.

The credibility of this plugin has been introduced by its 5 star rating of more than 1 million users using it. You can use this plugin in both free or premium versions.

The Jackpot wordpress plugin also gives details of your site's traffic as well as protects your site and compresses whatever image is on your site.

On the other hand, you install different plugins for different tasks, but Jackpot does many of your tasks and that too in a proper way.

3. Akismet plugin

Akismet plugin works to block aspam comments on your site, so your posts remain secure and chances of getting hacked are greatly reduced.

If there are too many comments in your post, then there is a risk of spam comments and it becomes difficult for you to mark spam comments manually, then you can use Akismet plugin.

If you are not able to stop the spam comment coming on your site, then it increases the spam score of your site and in this situation the ranking of your site starts going down gradually.

Akismet plugin checks each and every comment of the visitor who came to your post and keeps it on hold for your approval, until you approve it, that comment is not published.

4. WP Super Cache plugin

We can call WP Super Cache plugin as essential WordPress Plugin because it generates static html files, so the advantage of this is that your site loads very fast.

And we all know that the loading speed of our site plays a very important role for our site to be ranked in the search engine.

5. Contact Form 7 plugin

Contact Form 7 plugin is a very popular plugin, with the help of this, visitors coming to your site are able to contact you, this plugin is used by almost all bloggers as an essential WordPress plugin.

You can use its free version and if you take premium version then some more feature is available but generally most of the people use the free version of this plugin only.

6. BackupBuddy

Backup Buddy plugin is a paid plugin but still I would suggest that you definitely use it.

Because this plugin keeps a backup of your site and whenever there is any kind of problem in your site, you can restore that backup and make your site live as before.

If you will not have a backup of your site and if there is any problem in your site then all your hard work goes in vain.

7. AMP Plugin

In today's time, 60 to 70 percent of people are browsing in mobile itself and in view of this Google developed AMP.

AMP accelerates the loading speed of the mobile version of your site, so that if anyone opens your site in their mobile, then it gets opened immediately.

With AMP plugin, you can increase the ranking of your site very fast. You can also use AMP for free and can also take its premium version.

But keep in mind that the way you enable AMP on your site, the earlier designing and theme of your site is of no use to the mobile version.

And you have to use the same theme of AMP and you have to buy the extension of AMP for every task.

Even for a simple email subscription, you will have to buy an extension of AMP.

So if you have a good budget, then you can use the AMP plugin or you can run a very simple looking site by using the free version of AMP.

Some themes are available for free in AMP, which are quite simple, if you want to design your site well in AMP version, then you will have to spend money for it.

Once you have used AMP, you would like to remove it, then for that you have to follow the rule of redirection, otherwise if someone clicks on the AMP pages already ranked in the search engine, then 404 errors will sleep in front of them.

If your hosting is from a good company and you have taken a bigger plan, then you do not have any special need for AMP.

So in this post, we have learned about 7 important WordPress Plugin, if you still have any question or suggestion, then definitely comment below. Thank you

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