Why we celebrate Friendship Day?

Many people celebrate Friendship Day but do not know why they celebrate Friendship Day? Maybe we never thought about it. Someone has rightly said that "life is incomplete without friends" because a relationship of friendship may not be a blood relation, but it is no less than a family relationship!

So in today's article we are going to discuss about Friendship Day. Today Friendship Day is celebrated every year in many countries like India and America. This day is best celebrated by women and men of all ages with their friends, or friendship.

But what is Friendship Day? What is its history? Why celebrate? What is the significance of Friendship Day? Even today people do not have enough information on this subject. So today's article is unique for all those who celebrate friendship day and understand the importance of friendship, so without delay let's start this article and know what is this friendship day and why. Is?

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What is friendship day

Friendship Day is also known as "Friendship Day" in Hindi. This day is special for all friends. On this day of love and brotherhood, all friends celebrate this day together.

Why celebrate Friendship Day?
Why celebrate Friendship Day?

Friends, the importance of this day also increases because of this. Since Friendship Day is celebrated every year on Sunday, people of all ages make this fun day even more special by getting together with their friends. Actually, let us know today that "what is more important to have your friends in your life"

Why celebrate Friendship Day?

We celebrate Friends Day because on this day we tell our friends how important it is in our life. Through this festival love, relationship and your feelings with your friends will be expressed. On this day friends and acquaintances are specially invited.

That's why this Friendship Day is so important for us and our friends. At the same time, it brings bond in friendship and strengthens the association with friends. On the other hand, today we need to remember our good moments and remove the bad system. Because in the whole world nothing is more important than friendship.

How is Friendship Day celebrated?

A friend types a friendship band with another friend, presents a friendship day t-shirt, and friends who can't meet them wish all their new and old friends a Happy Friendship Day today. And ask them to maintain the relationship of friendship like this.

Although every day of friendship is special, but in today's hectic life, those who are unable to meet due to lack of time, they will definitely find time to meet the old bitterness of today and today. a friend. The friendship begins with the rebuilding of the friendship band.

Friends these days party in the canteen on Friendship Day, relive old memories, play and hence celebrate this Friendship Day.

When is Friendship Day celebrated?

Friendship is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year around the world. This year in 2021, Friendship Day will be celebrated on 1st August.

However, it is important for you to know that the United Nations celebrates World Friendship Day on 30 July. Although there are many countries in the world including India which celebrate Friendship Day in the first week of August.

Of course, the way of celebrating this day is different in different countries around the world. Friendship day is also celebrated in India like the culture of western countries.

Now the question comes that when did the celebration of Friendship Day begin? To know this we have to go into history.

History of celebrating Friendship Day?

The celebration of Friendship Day was first started in 1958, when International Friendship Day was celebrated for the first time in Paraguay. But at that time the style of celebrating Friendship Day was different.

Friendship Day greetings are sent through greeting cards, but as the Internet spreads, today it is celebrated as Friendship Day in other countries of the world.

Actually, for the first time the idea of ​​celebrating Friendship Day was "Dr. Raman Artemio Brocco". In fact, this meeting for friendship gave birth to the "World Friendship Crusade".

How did Friendship Day start?

There is a really interesting story behind this, in which a man was executed by the US government in 1935 for his punishment. Later a friend of the slain man was seriously injured in the incident and also committed suicide.

Due to this sacrifice in the memory of a friend, the government has decided to celebrate the first Sunday of August as Friendship Day. Since then Friendship Day started being celebrated and now Friendship Day is celebrated not only in western countries but also in other countries of Asia.

Why is it Friendship Day?

The relationship of friendship is one of the most precious relationships, which exemplifies friendship since ancient times! However, now the time has changed. But even today we can see many examples of friendship in personal life.

Why is Friendship Day so important for everyone?

There are many reasons behind the importance of Friendship Day. Let's look at those reasons.

  • Our friends laugh even in our worst circumstances.
  • They are the kind of friends we are most comfortable with and can talk to about anything.
  • These friends are always praying to God for us.
  • These friends believe in us when we do not believe in ourselves.
  • These friends teach us to live in reality and have a smile on our face.
  • These are the friends who stand by us in difficult times. Be it financially or mentally.

They stand by us even when no one else is there or when we make a mistake. Though he and we are not related by blood, we should thank God that God created such a wonderful relationship. On the other hand, those people are the luckiest in their life without the lack of friends.

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