What exactly is Hybrid Topology?

Hybrid topology is the combination that combines two or more topologies of networks. In which Bus Topology, Mesh Topology, Ring Topology, Star Topology are considered to be part of. For instance when a large network is constructed by mixing Star topology or Ring topology, it's referred to as a hybrid topology.

Hybrid Topology is utilized according to the needs of the user, school or business. In this case, the desired performance of the network and the number of computers their locations are all aspects.

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Definition of  Hybrid Topology

Hybrid topology is the combination of two different topologies. Different kinds of technology are needed for its implementation in physical terms and its structure is complicated.

What is Hybrid topology 

Hybrid topology is essential to accommodate the different requirements of computer networks. In this type of topology, the configuration of every network topology is preserved throughout the entire section of network.

Use of hybrid networks

There are several reasons an organization might decide to go with the hybrid topology.

There are flexibility as well as ease of growth of the network when it is required.

Network growth happens when more Nodes in the network are added to an network. It's simple to add new Nodes by using a an hybrid topology as it is simple to alter the network's fundamental levels and also the primary network. 

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Why do we use hybrid topology networks?

The examples and applications for Hybrid Topology are increasing at an alarming rate. Hybrid Topology has a powerful set, as well as an adaptable option that is known as a Intelligent Option. It is employed at work or in the home.

In addition to this topology for small businesses A compact is also provided for their sub-units. This lets us choose the backbone network such as Hub and Switch and we can also choose the segments of the network that differ due to the topological arrangement.

In the hybrid Network for Network Segment, the whole Computer Networking System is dependent on the backbone. That is connected with Network Segments. The creation of the hybrid network does not require any complex structure which can save time and energy.

The Normal Basic Topologies set-up and Network failure can cause many damages. This can be fixed with a hybrid networks. Hybrid topologies are designed by network programmers to limit the weaknesses and strengths in each of the topologies.

Examples of hybrid topology

Hybrid topology is utilized in many locations.

  • At Work

  • In Schools

  • In Banks

  • In the Business

  • Research Organizations

  • Multinational Offices

  • On campus at universities

  • Automated Industry

Different types of Hybrid Network Topologies

In this article, the different hybrid topologies are described.

1. Star-ring Hybrid Topology The design of the star-topology has been built using both star topology as well as rings topology. The startopology of each is linked with the topology of the ring by wired connections.

By connecting nodes data flows through the star topology and back to the ring topology that was originally. Data moves across Unidirectional as well as Bidirectional (Bidirectional) methods.

The bidirectional nature of data flow makes sure that even when one of the nodes in the original topology of the ring fails, it does not impact the entire network of data flow.

2. Star-bus Hybrid Topology The Star-bus Hybrid Topology is composed of two distinct topologies Star Topology along with Bus Topology. Bus topology links multiple star topologies with each by wire connections. The basic bus topology offers an backbone structure by way of wired connections.

3. Hierarchical Network Topology - Hierarchical Network Topology is also known as Tree Topology. It is designed to be a hierarchical structure. Its minimal level is two-to-maximal level, and the top and maximum levels are named"the root" node or the parent.

The next step of Hierarchical Network Topology (Hierarchical Network Topology) is that it involves child nodes. The child node is returned at the third level.

Benefits of Hybrid Topology

Different kinds of benefits can be mixed in this topology.

  • This topology is extremely flexible.

  • It handles a significant amount of traffic.

  • It can be modified at any time.

  • Because of the ability to scale (scalable) in Hybrid Topology, the size of the network could be expanded.

  • Troubleshooting and identifying the source of error is very simple.

  • In this type of topology the data can be easily transfered between various networks.

  • It can be used to build huge networks.

  • Hybrid networks are extremely reliable.

The disadvantages of hybrid Topology

The drawbacks that come with hybrid topology have been discussed below.

  • This is a costly network.

  • The process of installation is complicated.

  • The hubs that are associated with each topology are expensive.

  • The core of the network can impact its performance.

  • The process of creating a hybrid network can be very complex.

For the connection of to connect the Hybrid Network with another network topology, the hardware adjustments must be made.

Hybrid Network Wired vs. Wireless

Wi-Fi networks can speed up speeds like Fast Ethernet cables that can send data at speeds of up to 100mbps. Wi-Fi networks only allow data of up to 54 Mbps.

If you are looking to set up a Lan Gaming Party or share large files with colleagues, then Wired Connection is an excellent choice for speed and reliability.

Flexibility and mobility are two of the major advantages in wireless networks. If you're at your office space, then you will be able to connect to the Internet. It is possible to use a large range of devices to connect to the internet, including Wi-Fi-connected Handhelds or Pdas.

Wireless and wired networks are equally simple (or challenging) to establish based on the scale and complexity of the company.

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