Keep these things in mind before publishing Blog Post

 If you do not know what to do before publishing blog post , then here we will know about some effective and valid ways so that our blog post will give good results in future.

We work very hard to write our blog post, do keyword research but do not pay attention to some small things and publish it quickly .

But if we pay more attention to some small things, then we can bring that blog post in front of millions of people and only then we get the fruits of our hard work.

Only by writing a strong post, its entire work is not done, but only one-third of the work is done, we complete the work of the remaining two-thirds by optimizing it.

Here we will talk about some effective and valid methods, which I do myself, and I am sure that if you follow these methods then you will get hundred percent good results.

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What to do before publishing blog post

First of all, you should remove the spelling mistake of the article you have written, because the spelling mistake in the content you have written will spoil your online reputation.

If you write an article in ms word then there is facility to remove auto suggestion, spelling mistake and grammatical errors but there is some paid software like grammarly which catches even the smallest mistake of your article and You can fix them.

So in such a situation, you should use grammarly as a professional grammar checker. This software has a grammatical errors director, which works very well.

It also detects plagiarism and also gives us human proof reading service.

You can teach your written article to those people who are not related to blogging, this will improve the handwriting of your article. Because when you publish your article, the same people will read your article.

Organic traffic makes your blog popular, when organic traffic also starts coming to your blog or website and if that traffic does not get a helpful article, then it will return immediately, which will increase the bounce rate of your blog.


And in such a situation, your blog will start falling towards the bottom again.

It means to say that along with organic traffic, make the article strong as well.

Take care of internal linking strategy

Just like a person finds a way to a lost place, similarly internal linking helps a visitor to a particular page to go to other pages related to it.

And with this, the search bot also makes it easy to communicate in the article.

Keep in mind that if you link to another article related to the same article in your article, then it is better.

Internal linking SEO juice passes other old posts and it helps to rank other articles, as well as reduce the bounce rate of your blog. And you can also call it SEO friendly backlinks.

Follow external linking best practices

The link connecting two web pages which can be of separate blogs, is called external link, these two web pages are connected with each other with the help of external link.

External links give relevant information to your post, this increases the relevancy of your post in the eyes of the search bot. The search bot sees good information in your content.

For example, if you write an article related to Wikipedia, then you give an external link to Wikipedia. So in this case your article is considered Irrelevant.

You must give a link to External Linking Wikipedia citation or any other authority site in all your posts, this will give you SEO juice in a good way.

Along with this, if you are giving any affiliate link, then make it attractive by shortening it.

How to do image optimization seo

Image also plays an important role for SEO of your blog, if you have optimized the image correctly then it also increases traffic to your blog.

The image has to be designed correctly as well as compress it after exporting and the keyword research you did for the article has to be done by renaming the image to the keyboard.

Keep in mind that while renaming the image, there should not be a space between two words, the space has to be cut and das (-). So this will rank the image along with your article and some percent traffic from the image will also come to your blog.

If you have put a good image in your article, then this compels the visitors to share that article, so the optimization of the image properly also helps in promoting the publicity of your blog.

Like I mentioned above, before entering the image in the article, it is necessary to rename it and enter the keyboard, in the same way it is necessary to enter its alt tag after putting it in the article, so that the search engine bots easily understand your image that this image what is that about.

Search engine meta tags

You can write meta tag up to 155 characters in the article and the title should be within 55 characters, you have to take special care of this.

By the way, if you are using yoast seo plugin in your WordPress, then that plugin will guide you about title, meta description, tag, paragraph.

Optimize your article for social share

Social share plays an important role in promoting the richness of our site, you can share your article on all these platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

 We also need to put a social share button on our site, because of this, if our post visitors like our article, then they share the article on different platforms by clicking on that button.

For this, we can put the social share button at the beginning of our post and in the last, and if you are writing a bigger article then you can add the floating social share bar to the article.

We can optimize the meta data of our blog according to Facebook and Twitter, if you want, you can also add a Twitter card, this will also bring Twitter users to our blog.

We can also interact with our audience in a busy schedule by using the automatic publishing tool.

To reduce the bounce rate of our blog, we can put a video in our article, this increases the content rich of our site.

Make author bio attractive 

We should write an attractive author bio, this identifies us as a good blogger, try to write your identity better among brothers.

I sincerely hope that I have tried my best to explain this topic to all of you blog post publish karne se pahle, and this article will prove to be very helpful for you.

If you have not created your blog yet, then create your new blog by watching the video given below.

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