How does the windmill work and Advantages and disadvantages

In today's article we are going to see how the windmill works. In today's time almost everyone has electricity in their homes. We cannot live without electricity even for 1 minute. If we look at it, the use of electricity has increased a lot in the last few years. Of all the new inventions that are discovered, more devices run on electricity

electricity is generated in many different ways. One of them is wind energy, which is produced with the help of windmills. In today's article, we will know that how the windmill works and how it generates energy. So let's get started.

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What is windmill 

Windmill is defined as a machine. Which converts the kinetic energy of wind ie wind into mechanical energy. All the blades of the windmill always rotate in a clockwise direction. The main purpose of the windmill is to convert wind energy into electrical energy.

The first windmill was designed in the year 1854 by Daniel Hallade of the United States and today windmills are used almost all over the world. Tamil Nadu is the only state in which the maximum wind power is produced.

How does the windmill work and Advantages and disadvantages
 How does the windmill work and Advantages and disadvantages

Friends, keeping in mind the increasing power consumption, wind energy is like a boon for us. Because in every area, everywhere we need electricity. For this it is also necessary to produce more and more electricity. So let's now know how the windmill works

How does windmill work?

A windmill can produce a very small amount of electricity. That's why windmills are installed on a large scale in sequence. So that sufficient amount of electricity can be produced for our use. And this area is known as wind power farm. There are many such wind power farms in our country where wind energy is produced.

The structure of a windmill is like a large electric fan. Which is erected on a pole base. The blades of the windmill are mounted in a slightly inclined manner. So that it can be rotated according to the relative wind speed. As the velocity of the blade increases towards the outer edge , the relative wind speed also bends further towards the outer edge . This means that the blade is given a continuous rotation from root to tip.

This winding cannot be directly connected to the generator. Because generally the wind turbine spins at very low RPM. This is due to problems related to noise and mechanical capability. Considering its slow rotation, we will be able to generate enough electric frequency from the generator. Therefore the speed is increased in a gear box before connecting to the generator. A planetary gear set is used in the gearbox to achieve high speed ratio.

The function of the brake is to capture the rotation of the wind blades in the event of a very strong wind. The resulting electricity is transferred to the base key through cables attached to the pole . Where a stepup transformer is installed. The transformer transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another at the required voltage. Finally the electricity is sent to the grids. From where it is distributed for domestic and commercial uses.

The blades should generally face the air to generate maximum power . But the wind direction can change at any time. The velocity sensor on top of the windmill measures the speed and direction of the wind. Changes in wind direction are sent to an electronic controller. Which in turn sends a signal to the YAWING MECHANISM installed in the windmill. As soon as the YAWING MECHANISM gets a signal, it turns those blades in the direction of the wind. So that the windmill never stops

Advantages and disadvantages of windmills

As we get many benefits from wind energy, in the same way we may have to bear some of its disadvantages, so let's know the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy

Advantages of windmill -

Wind energy is a renewable energy source that is environmentally friendly and clean.

Wind energy is a source of clean energy.

Wherever sufficient amount of wind (wind) moves, a windmill can be installed there.

There is no need to spend on wind energy again and again.

Disadvantages of windmill –

The minimum speed of wind (wind) to generate electricity is 15 km. Need hourly homie which is not available everywhere

Wind energy firms are very expensive to build.

When the wind is not blowing then you have to arrange an alternate system to meet the requirements.

Large land area is required to set up wind power farm which is not easily available.


This was how the windmill works. Hope you have got complete information about the working mechanism of windmill. And you must have liked this article. If you liked this article, then do share it with your friends. And also turn on the notification bell of the website. So that in the coming time you do not miss any article. Because we keep bringing such helpful articles for you. If you have any problem related to this article, then you can ask us by commenting. Thank you !

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