Best gaming laptop under 60000 in India

Hii viewers, a lot of people have a big problem. The best gaming laptop under 60000 can be bought, or not. And we can play games on this low-budget gaming laptop! Today I am telling you about the low-budget gaming laptop because, in a middle-class family, the budget is not much, I also took my first laptop under 50000 only. 

If you want to know my opinion on whether we can play the game on a low-budget gaming laptop or not then let me tell you that you can play the game comfortably.

Now you guys must be wondering how much it is going to cost (price) don't be panic at all because today I will tell you the best gaming laptop under 6000  price and I will tell you about the specifications and advantages and disadvantages of these gaming laptops if you want to know about the best gaming laptops under 60,000 you Must read this article completely, in this you will get good information about gaming laptops.

First of all, let us know what the specification should be in gaming laptops and what is the minimum requirement and how much their price is going to be and which are the brands and much more information has been provided to you.

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Can gaming laptops use for other things

The gaming laptops could be used for other things? After some online research and visits to laptop dealers, I have come to some valuable knowledge. In short, Yes gaming laptops can be used for other things like an official task, School, college work for personal use but, there are some important things that I observed after research that are necessary to know. before we know those other details let's begin with the following questions regarding gaming laptops

What is a gaming laptop?

Gaming laptops are the same as other laptops but with some upgrade features, these laptops are designed and manufactured due to advanced gaming needs. they have high-speed CPU upgraded RAMs high-quality sound system and other upgradable parts it isn't as if these laptops have different applications of the operating system which needs some special coding etc... Gaming laptops nowadays have some distinctive designs that are different from normal laptops, although they are all used for other tasks such as writing letters, including surfing the Internet.

What is the minimum requirement to play games on a gaming laptop?

These are the main minimum requirement to play games on a gaming laptop under 60000

  • Intel core i5
  • GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
  • Ram at least 4GB (recommended 8GB memory) 
  • 500 GB HDD   (256GB SSD)
  • Display 14-15 inches

What is the most important thing in a gaming laptop? 

If you want to know what part is main in a gaming laptop then we will say GPU (graphics card) Because the graphics card plays a major role in any game that may be a low-end game or high-end game, if you want the gaming performance to be good, then you have to take the best graphics card! Today we are talking about the best gaming laptop under 60,000, I will recommend that you take "GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050" and take their high-end model only if even from this you will go to the low variant. Your Gaming Performance Will Be A Damn Worse

How much minimum Ram do I need for a gaming laptop?

If you are a beginner, you can buy a gaming laptop with 4GB RAM. But you may come across minor problems like hanging and laptop running a bit slow and file transfer late. If you can spend a little more money, I will recommend you 8GB RAM, in that you will get more performance! And there will not be much problem in your gaming also, you can do live streaming on YouTube and you can also play High-end games. 

Is Core i5 good for Gaming laptops? 

If this question is coming to your mind, Intel CORE i5 will be right for gaming laptops. Yes, you can play games comfortably on a gaming laptop with the Intel Core i5. But in Intel Core i5 you were taken with a slightly higher generation like the 7th generation or above. (recommend 9th generation) in a gaming laptop under 60000

Right now some people must be feeling that I have an old system, it has Intel core  i3 in it and also plays some games in it. You can play in core i3 also but you can't play high-end games like free fire, pubg, etc. Even if you run these games in core i3 then your gaming experience will not be right, but it will keep hanging! That's why I have already told you what the minimum requirement is for a gaming laptop under 60000.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the gaming laptop 

I think now you know something about gaming laptops. So, let me explain to you the 

Advantages and disadvantages of the gaming laptop under 60000 

A high-speed gaming laptop is manufactured and designed for high-speed processing because multifunctional tasks in a game are a process that requires a high CPU to function smoothly


Apart from CPU gaming laptops have maximum numbers of new technology RAMs which provide an extra push to speed and high accuracy functionalities

Graphics cards:

Another feature is a graphics card gaming laptop graphics built-in cards that provide high-resolution quality images and a gaming experience.the graphics cards provide  support to games and graphics related software so that without any  hang or interruption, tasks may run smoothly 


In gaming laptops, sound quality is very good than a normal laptop the built-in speaker and sound jacks provide the DTS sound system. You can enjoy a better sound quality on these laptops than on normal laptops

Upgradable parts:

Most of the gaming laptops are now available with upgradeable parts. You can easily change their processor, memory, mouse touchpads, and other peripherals. You need not to worry about replacing the laptop or upgradable 

Drawbacks of the gaming laptop 


Most of the gaming laptop has less battery backup than normal laptops 


Gaming laptops weight are  more than normal laptops


Some of the gaming laptops have a hard keyboard like old fashioned for durability 

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

Gaming laptops are expensive, but for good reason. They offer you a huge library of potential games. It's portable, powerful, and doesn't take up much space. It can also be used for non-gaming needs. In general, it is not advisable to buy a gaming laptop {above 1 lakh} unless you are a professional player.

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