What is FASTag and where can I get it?

Do you love to travel on Roads? If so, then it is crucial to be aware of the meaning of FasTag? If you are aware of it, you are fine, however If you do not, then you might be required to pay twice the amount for Toll Plaza. You read it exactly. This is due to the fact that authorities are charging twice the cost of Toll Fees for those whose vehicle has not applied Fastags in his vehicle.

In this scenario we decided that I had to give you complete details regarding FASTag Banks list, so you don't be required to pay twice tolls. For your information, I'll inform you that the government is using this FASTag to ease the use of the toll gates. There is no longer the requirement to keep cash on hand since if you utilize FASTag, then money will be taken from your bank account.

You can utilize FASTag at almost all toll plazas that fall within the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program. In this article, you will discover all the details about what exactly are FasTags as well as how to purchase it, and the best place to purchase it. You will however be required to learn. So, without further delay, let's begin the definition of FASTag.

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What is FASTag? What does it mean at the toll plaza?

FASTag is an extremely simple, user-friendly tag that can be reloaded to enable automatic deducting of toll fees. Additionally it permits you to travel through Toll Plaza without stopping for any type of cash Transaction.

FASTag is associated with an account that is prepaid, which the toll required is automatically debited. RFID  technology utilized for this tag. It is placed on the vehicle's windscreen when the account for the tag is activated.

FASTag is a complete solution for traveling without any hassles even on national highways. FASTag is currently operating on 180 toll plazas it is also available on the state and national highways. In parallel as time passes by, time, more toll plazas are slowly becoming part of the FASTag program.

What is the legitimacy of FASTag?

In addition, FASTag is a valid tag with unlimited validity. Similar to FASTag is valid as long as the tag is readable by Tag Reader Tag Reader and if it is not altered. If, for any reason, a cut occurs in the FASTag the reading performance gradually declines and in this case, you must contact the Issuing Bank for a new tag.

Some detailed information  about Fastag

FASTag FASTag is a device where the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is utilized to process toll payments directly from a prepay or savings account that is linked to it. It's mounted on the windshield of the vehicle to allow scanning. If he drives through the Toll Plaza. Because of this, driver or owner of the vehicle don't need to make a stop to make a cash transactions.

The validity of the FASTag is for 5 years and you must recharge or top it up in accordance with the requirements.

According to NHAI The biggest benefit that you can get from this is that you don't need cash to make toll-free transactions. It is also efficient, and in addition to you are not wasting your time. it occurs.

If, for instance, someone crosses an toll station, the toll amount will be removed immediately. The user will receive an SMS notification on their associated mobile. Additionally they will also receive the toll-free transactions, low balance and other updates that go along with it.

How do I recharge my Fastag online?

FASTags can be recharged online using a Credit Card or Debit Card or NEFT/RTGS or even Net Banking. You are able to get anything from Rs.100 to the maximum amount of the amount of Rs. up to 1 Lakh dollars can be recharged.

Are FASTags Transferable?

The FASTags are not able to be transferred. They are not transferable Therefore, a FASTag can be used only in one vehicle, and not more than one.

How many mobile applications have been released by NHAI to make available FasTags?

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has announced two mobile applications to facilitate the accessibility of FASTags MyFASTag and FASTag. The aim of the pricing is to offer FASTags to users to facilitate electronic Toll Collection.

What exactly is Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)?

The official name that is ETC refers to Electronic Toll Collection. This is a digital payment system for tolls on highways where there is no human tampering. ETC systems make use of vehicle-to-roadside communications technology to perform an electronic transaction of money between an automobile and a Toll Collection Agency.

What is the reason ETC vital?

Beginning on December 1st of this year, this government made it mandatory for every jeep, car vans, buses, trucks, and off-road (commercial as well as private) vehicles that pass through toll booths along the national highways. To pay the toll via FASTag.

The payments that are FASTag-enabled are accessible at approximately 350 toll plazas across the national and state highways. The complete list of FAStag-enabled toll stations is available through the National Payments Corporation of India website: npci.org.in/netc. The toll plazas of other cities are added to the list in the future. Additionally the cash-back scheme that is 2.5 percent is also offered through the 31st of March, 2020 for FASTag transactions for customers who are eligible who travel on national highways.

FASTag is crucial for the government in certain ways. It encourages digital payment and makes it easier for owners of vehicles and toll booths to collect toll Fees. This means that the cost of storage and tax collection is drastically diminished. This helps save time and eliminates unnecessary traffic.

Why do you have to be worried regarding this FasTags?

If you own one or more four-wheelers you need to get the FASTag for your vehicle as soon as possible. Since December 1st the majority of cost-of-lane plazas along National Highways will be identified as FASTag lane. Any vehicle that is in this FASTag lanes without having a tag must pay nearly twice the amount of fee depending on the type of vehicle.

These FASTags can be issued by 23 accredited banks, including a few small finance banks, payment banks, and cooperative banks. The list of banks accessible through the NPCI website. You can also purchase FAStags at toll plazas, petrol stations, RTOs, or online through Amazon. If you're interested you could download MyFASTag application (which is available on the Android or iPhone platforms) and, if you wish to purchase it, you can purchase it at banks or online websites for shopping.

The charges vary between sellers. When you purchase it, depending on the place you bought it. You can then directly link it to the bank account or utilize a pre-paid account for recharging it. You can do this every now and then. All the details of your transactions can be viewed by logging into an FASTag account.

Where can I find FASTag?

Since the introduction of FasTag is now obligatory. In this case when a client would like to, he could establish a FASTag Account for himself by visiting toll stations or issuer agencies from anywhere in Point of Sale (POS) places. In addition to the toll plazas FASTags can also be found in banks that have signed agreements with NHAI. If a customer is a traveler who wants to get in touch with any of the banks below.

In recent years, a number of banks from the public and private sectors have formed partnerships with NHAI. For instance, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Syndicate Bank, Axis Bank, IDFC Bank and State Bank of India are prominent. In the case of payments banks, Paytm offers FASTag to its customers.

A user could solicit his auto firms to install it into the car. We'll let you be aware of the ways you can access FASTags.

  • Online sales of FASTags - FASTag is available to purchase online via Issuer Banks websites / NHAI website or IHMCL website, and then it is delivered to your house via courier.

  • Mobile application Mobile app MyFASTag is a consumer application that can be downloaded for Android. If the user wants to purchase a product, FASTags are able to purchase and recharge with this application. You can buy or recharge FASTags using this app.

  • points of Sale (POS) places If you'd like to purchase this FasTag by visiting one of your nearby point of Sale (POS) points. It is sold at toll plazas as well as sales offices of banks.

You can purchase FASTag at more than 28,500 points of sale that were set up by numerous banks as well as IHMCL/NHAI, such as NH charge plazas, RTOs Common Service Centers, transport hubs, banks branches, petrol pumps that are selected and more.

In the retail sector (car/jeep/van) there is the option to purchase FASTag online through Amazon as well as visiting the sites of banks like SBI, ICICI bank, Axis bank, Paytm Payment Banks, HDFC bank, IDFC First By visiting the banks' websites.

Additionally it's possible to recognize the issuing Bank Customer Service number, which are the POS in your area and help you to locate this tag.

Is there a possibility of another issue in the event that the FASTag is damaged during the time it is in use?

If the issue occurs while installing Fastag Then you could certainly replicate the problem. To do this, you need to submit the xerox duplicate of all documents.

How do I find out which FASTag is who's?

When the FASTag is passed across it at the Toll Plaza, the Tag Reader within it detects the FASTag. In this case there is no need to scan it manually or pay for tolls.

What are the functions the SBI FASTag Agent does? SBI the FASTag agent?

The role for the SBI FASTag Agent is create a provision for a brand new FasTag for your vehicle. However in the event that you already installed FasTag If there's a problem with it, then it will fix it.

What documents are needed to use FASTags?

The customer must submit an original copy of each of the documents listed below in addition to the application form for FASTag at Point of Sale (POS) places. Please let us know about these documents.

  • Car Registration Certificate (RC)

  •  A passport-sized photograph from the person who owns the car

  • KYC documents, or any of the items that are mentioned in this article - like Driving License PAN Card, Passport, Voter ID Card or Aadhar Card.

The client must take all original versions of all of these documents with its copies made of xerox.

What are the responsibilities of FASTag?

FASTags are issued by banks that issue the cards. The banks are able to charge up to for this tag of Rs. 200/- per tag. Then it is the Issuing Bank decides the actual tag's issuance costs and this differs from one bank another.

How do I put FASTag onto the mirror?

The FASTag can be applied on the interior part of the glass which is ahead of the vehicle. Behind the vehicle. FASTag has already eight that quickly adheres to the mirrors of your vehicle.

What are the advantages of the use of FASTag?

Let us know about the advantages that you can get from FASTags.

  •  Paying with ease The convenience of payment is gone. There's no longer the need to carry cash on hand for toll-free transactions. This will save your time as well.

  • The car does not have to stop at the toll plaza, which helps save fuel, and does not increase traffic.

  • Recharge online via the internet You can also recharge your FASTag online using your credit card or Debit Card/NEFT or RTGS as well as Net Banking.

  •  By receiving SMS alerts, you receive information on all of your transactions with tolls as well as low balances.

  • It also provides an online portal to all customers.

  • This FASTag is approximately 5 years.

  • The incentive is rewarded In addition, you may receive cashback if wish to. The incentives change every now and then.

Other benefits 

(a) Environment gets benefits:

  • This results in a decrease in air pollution.

  • The use of paper is over completely.

(b) Also, it offers social benefits.

  • The hassles associated with paying tolls is greatly reduced.

  • Management of the highway can be improved controlled

(c) The economic benefits also exist:

  • There is an opportunity to participate in the management of the toll plaza

  • Thanks to the existence in Central Monitoring, this process of tolling is able to be conducted efficiently.

How do I activate Fastag?

To activate FASTag you can utilize two Android apps provided by the government which I've provided details in this blog post. Also should you desire to know more, you can get details on this topic at your banks.

How do you how do you FastTag on the windshield of your car?

When you've found your FasTag, you need to place it with care on the middle uppermost portion of the glass of your car. You must put the Windshield from the inside, in the top center of your car, which is where it's placed.

This FasTag comes with a Self Adhesive tape that can be removed and its sticky surface is glued to the windshield.

Make sure you don't require any other adhesive or tape, or else it could cause damage to the FASTag.

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