Top 10 Blogger Security Tips:- How to Secure Blogger Site?

Blogger Security Tips: - Blogger which is a service of Google, then the security of our blog will be more like this because Google itself has said that if any hacker finds any deficiency in any of Google's products, then it will be from $ 100 to A reward of up to $20,000 will be given. Meaning we can say that our blog cannot be hacked easily.

How to Secure Blogger Site?

But we also cannot deny that nothing is secure on the Internet. Even thousands of sites are hacked every day from the bank's site, so we should be as careful as possible.

Blogger Blog has just added a feature. In which we can enable HTTPS in our blog. With this no one can change the data of our blog and our visitor will see what we have shared.

If you use Blogspot Extension and you have not enabled HTTPS yet, then you should do it now.

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How to protect Blogger ?

As I have already said that Blogger is very difficult to hack. But I will give you some Blogger Security Tips

With which you can increase the security of your blog even more. If someone's blog is hacked, then it is because of their mistake.

Do not tell the email of the blog to anyone. Blogger Security Tips

Your Google Gmail ID from which you have created your blog. Do not tell that to anyone and keep your email ID separate from the name of the blog. Many people make this mistake that the email ID from which they create a blog. They distribute that ID to everyone.

What happens with this is that if someone hacks your Gmail ID, then he will become the owner of your blog. Meaning your blog will also be hacked. Keep the address of the email ID separate from the name of the blog, otherwise there is no point in not telling it.

To contact your visitor, create a separate email ID and do not use it in the blog. Give your visitor a different email ID to contact you. Enter this email ID in the Contact Us page.

 Keep Two Step Verification enabled. Blogger Security Tips

We can enable Two Step Verification of our account in Google's account. In this, after entering the password, we also have to enter OTP on our mobile. Due to which the security of our account increases.

If someone comes to know our email ID and password, then he cannot open the account because he also needs the code which comes on our mobile.

 Don't make someone else an admin. Blogger Security Tips

We can add more than 1 person to our Blogger Blog. Who can manage our blog, post and much more. So if you want to add someone just to post, who only post then just make it Editor not Admin.

Create an Admin only when you have complete trust in it, because Admin means the complete owner of your site.

How to Secure Blogger Site?

Don't reveal the password to anyone. Blogger Security Tips

At this point you might be wondering what type it is. Why would we tell our password to anyone? But still, let me say that if you tell a friend of any identity, then definitely change the password after that.

Do not use Crack Template. Blogger Security Tips

Almost all new bloggers make this mistake. I also did a template which is getting money on any site. The same Template is getting downloaded from another site by clicking on it for free and we are very happy to add that Crack Template to our blog that look, I took so much money for free but the reality is different.

You think that what you are getting in money, why would anyone give the same thing for free. What will he get if he is doing this? He will also get some benefit only then he will do so and he also adds some virus files to the Crack Template. Due to which it happens that whoever comes to our blog automatically gets the virus downloaded in his browser and his money goes to the free template provider.

So simply, all I will tell you is that download the template from a good site and do not use Crack Template at all. If you like any template, then buy it and invest on your site and earn money from that site.

Use Widget carefully. Blogger Security Tips

We design our blog by adding Widget to Blogger. You would know this. But if you add a Widget from a fake site, then some wrong thing may also be added to it. So it is very important to take care of this too. If there is some problem in the site, then immediately see the reason for it and if it is due to Widget then remove it.

Always keep the account logged out. Blogger Security Tips

I would like to change this point a bit. If your site is logged into a computer that other people also use, then always keep your site logged out.

Beware of Cyber Cafes. Blogger Security Tips

This is my personal experience. Earlier, when I did not have a computer, I used to run my blog from Cyber Cafe. Every day a computer book was kept for me at that Cyber Cafe. But once I found something that shook me.

Keylogger was installed in his computer. In which whatever we type gets saved. Well he didn't do me any harm but if he wanted he could have done anything. So always be careful with these things too.

 Check virus in your site. Blogger Security Tips

If you have put many things on your site, then it may be that something has been added by mistake which is not good for our blog and our visitor. So you can use these sites for that.

Check by entering the address of your website on these sites and if there is any problem then try to solve it as soon as possible. Due to this our site can also be blocked in Google.

Turn on HTTPS. Blogger Security Tips

It is also very important to turn on Https in the blog. With the help of which a secure connection is made between the visitor and the WebSite server and all the data is transferred. It is in encrypted form.

Google has just announced some time ago that if any website does not have HTTPS, then they will be shown below in the search results. With this, if someone opens the Chrome browser to a website. On which there is no HTTPS, then there also comes the warning of WebSite Not Secure, so if you have not done it yet, then turn on HTTPS now.

HTTPS is also called SSL certificate. Which you can turn on for free by going to Settings in Blogger.

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